water damaged ceiling

Got water damaged ceiling at home? Here are 5 steps you need to do

Oh no, we feel sorry for the damaged ceiling at your home due to the water leaking from the roof. We understand that this could make your day going from happy to disappointed in a flash. Don’t panic and stressful because this situation still under control as long as you are following our tips on what to do when your ceiling has water damage below.

1. Secure the area

Water damaged ceiling usually caused by the leak of water; could be rain; from the roof through your ceiling and eventually drop to the floor. Depending on the leaking situation, this could be small to a major issue because it could create a pool of water on the floor creating a slippery floor which could possibly cause an accident if anyone unaware of it. Therefore, securing the leaking area with a bucket and water could prevent this but it needs a fix ASAP.

2. Analyse the problem

Once the water leak has stopped pouring down, it’s time to do some checking to find out the culprit of the leak. Usually, if it’s a leak in a house, the roof or the water pipeline is the culprit, that’s why you need to do an actual checking by climbing up to the ceiling and check if there’s any hole that caused the water leaking from the roof or the pipe. At some houses in Australia, you may need to cut a hole in the ceiling to get a better look of the leak sources.

3. Clean, dry and mark the leak source

Once you have found the leak source, you don’t want to lose it because you need to prepare some tools and come down below. Therefore, clean the leak source area with a dry towel and mark it with a pen or anything that can easily recognize so that you won’t have any problem of finding it for a later fix.

4. Repair the damaged source

Depending on the damaged condition, this could be a DIY or need professional handling. If it’s a roof leaking caused by a broken tile of a roof or a small hole, you can fix it by replacing one tile of the roof with a new one. While it looks like this is a hard job but once you have gotten the hang of it, it will be fine without the help of professional. Meanwhile, if it’s a pipeline leak, you may need professional help because this one might complicate you which related to the water/drainage system of the house.

5. Repair the Ceiling

It’s not only the root of the problem that needs repairment but also the ceiling needs a retouch because of the water damage could cause a hole, partially broken ceiling or peeling the paint. One of these damages would need the help of professional in the ceiling repairs Perth because not only you have to fix the damage, eventually, it needs repainting because water damage will leave a huge mark which would not very good looking. 


If you are a busy homeowner and prioritize the safety of your family safety, opting in the service of a reliable ceiling repairs Perth will do the trick because these guys are the pro in everything about fixing a damaged roof and ceiling and the cost to fix the ceiling is affordable. Thank you for reading and feel free to share the article.