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7 Backyard Summer Cleaning Tips for Christmas Preparation

Just as the weather getting warmer in Australia that means the festive season is just around the corner and the more reasons that you need to give extra attention to it because it is obvious that your backyard is in a bad situation now.

Currently, the world itself is not in great condition with the ongoing pandemic but don’t let it keep you from enjoying the warm weather on this festive season. Our summer cleaning tips will make this sunny and festive season even more enjoyable.

Get the tools ready

Backyard cleaning is a bit different than gardening but it can use the same tools and equipment for gardening purposes. Hand trowel, hoe, rake, gardening gloves and spade are some of the essential tools that you need to prepare for the backyard cleaning. Additionally, you can also rent instant bins to help to organize the waste.

Clean the yard

Start by removing the visible and easiest rubbish like old twigs, fallen leaves and debris using the tools for a safer and quicker work. Then, the piling rubbish can be organized inside the instant bins which you can rent from your local skip bin hire provider.

Maintain the lawn

Another simple thing to do but often missed is keeping the lawn short. This way, it will create a clean look of the backyard and give a good impact to the house as well. Using a lawnmower will make the work easier for you and it will save time by a lot.

Clean the outdoor furniture

Is your outdoor lazy chair in a good condition? Or what about the condition of your Grill? Take a list of what outdoor furniture that you have and start doing a clean-up for each of them so that it can be used again to enjoy the summer and maybe a Christmas backyard party.

Replacing the dead plants with new ones

The previous season; Winter; made an obvious mark on your backyard which can be noticed with the many plants that died or withered due to the cold. Therefore, it is time to replant or replace it with new ones, so that your backyard will look lively again.

Check backyard drainage condition

During Winter, it would be possible that the drainage of your backyard is clogged. Therefore, a thorough check will be mandatory because, during Summer, heavy rain is possible to happen which can cause flooding if the drainage not treated properly.

Clean and organize the backyard shed

Finally, after all of the works that you have done on the backyard, it’s time to put all the tools inside the shed but it would be great to have the shed well-organizes as well. So, start by storing all of the tools on its proper place, then removing all of the unused stuff and put it inside the instant bins. By doing so, it will be easier to find any tools for the next clean-up project.


It may be a hassle at first but after you have discovered the proper workflow, doing a backyard cleaning isn’t that bad because not only your backyard and house will have a fresher look but also can give many benefits for your health as well. Don’t forget you can always opt-in the help of instant bins provider to take away all of the collected rubbish to the recycling centre or landfills.