water damaged ceiling

Got water damaged ceiling at home? Here are 5 steps you need to do

Oh no, we feel sorry for the damaged ceiling at your home due to the water leaking from the roof. We understand that this could make your day going from happy to disappointed in a flash. Don’t panic and stressful because this situation still under control as long as you are following our tips on what to […]

property inspections

What are property inspectors looking for?

Planning to buy a new property for a long time investment next year? Then, you should consider hiring a professional property inspector to give you a detailed report on the condition of the property of your choice. The property inspector report is one of the important documents that you should pay close attention prior to […]

Joondalup citizens here's how to prepare your house for the festive season

Joondalup citizens here’s how to prepare your house for the festive season

Yeay! The festive season will soon be celebrated by everyone in the world Joondalup citizens in Perth included. The season that we’ve been waiting for where we can at least for a moment forget about the hardship we endure during this year due to the Pandemic.  With that aside, have you checked the condition of your house […]


Preparing your garage for Summer and Christmas

In Australia, right about now, the weather is getting warmer due to the Summer has started and what makes it even more special the fact that it’s December which means Festive season is coming as well. You might have to prepare everything in a double-time but what about the Garage have you listed it on your Summer […]

gardening tips

7 Backyard Summer Cleaning Tips for Christmas Preparation

Just as the weather getting warmer in Australia that means the festive season is just around the corner and the more reasons that you need to give extra attention to it because it is obvious that your backyard is in a bad situation now. Currently, the world itself is not in great condition with the […]

Professional Ceiling Cornice Repair in Perth

If you need ceiling cornice repair work and are looking for ceiling repairs Perth, specifically in the Bunbury and Albany areas then look no further Southern Ceiling Repair who are on hand to provide quick, reliable and outstanding service. What is Ceiling Cornice? A ceiling cornice is a sort of moulding, which leaves the top […]

Sagging Ceiling? – What To Do About It

If you’ve ever experienced the horror of a sagging ceiling, you know the panic it causes and the desperate scramble to find an expert ceiling repair before the entire ceiling caves in! The last thing you want is your roof on the floor and the hassle of a costly insurance battle on your hands which […]

Kitchen Resurfacing – The New Trend That’s Here To Stay!

Kitchen resurfacing is fast becoming the preferred way of transforming your kitchen at a fraction of the price of a complete renovation (70% less to be precise!)  When I had enough of my inherited pine kitchen, I decided something had to be done and as a complete kitchen renovation was out of my budget, I […]

6 Reasons Why You Need Hire Waste Management Perth

A lot of companies battle with proper waste administration. There are strict rules and laws that the Australian government outlined which companies need to adhere to. Thus, it is crucial for business to have an effective waste management system and a well-respected, knowledgeable and experienced company dealing in waste management Perth. However, homeowners too can […]

How to Fix Hole in the Ceiling

As a home owner you will be used to the inevitable repair jobs and renovations that need to be done both inside and outside to keep your most expensive possession looking its best. What most often tends to be neglected however is the ceiling. Ceilings are not immune to wear and tear and in fact […]