Preparing your garage for Summer and Christmas

In Australia, right about now, the weather is getting warmer due to the Summer has started and what makes it even more special the fact that it’s December which means Festive season is coming as well. You might have to prepare everything in a double-time but what about the Garage have you listed it on your Summer and Christmas preparation?

Don’t worry, in this article, we will guide you to prepare your garage for Summer and Christmas in the easiest way as possible.

De-clutter all of the unused things

For most people in Australia, a garage not only used as a place to store and secure the cars but also for storing other home appliances which mostly unused anymore or broken like cart boxes, old furniture or even the kids’ toys. Therefore, removing all of these pieces of stuff will give you the space that has been missing the entire time, also you will be surprised by the amount of rubbish that has been accumulated as well. Rent a skip bin hire from your local provider to help you organize all of the collected rubbish.

Do garage door maintenance

It’s not only the garage that needs to be properly treated but also the garage door too, in fact, the doors are probably one of the parts of the house that frequently used. Therefore, garage door maintenance should be scheduled to prepare for the Summer and Christmas, so that if you happen to have a Christmas gathering party in your garage area, the doors won’t annoy you by its malfunction and with well-maintained garage doors the heat from outside will not affect much to the room temperature inside, keeping everyone inside in a cool temperature. Opting in for a garage door maintenance service from your local company of affordable garage doors WA is the best choice.

Clean the garage doors

After the maintenance works done, it’s time to make your garage doors sparkling shine by cleaning it properly. You don’t need to hire a professional for this, you can do it yourself, you just need:

  1. Several soft, clean cloths and/or wash mitt
  2. A few clean towels
  3. A gentle soap
  4. A large bucket for the soapy water
  5. A silicone-based lubricant (for the weather stripping)

Start by showering the doors with water equally with no spot missed, then wash it with a gentle soap equally as well, then rinse it properly and lastly dry it with clean cloths. There you go, you will have a good and clean looking garage door in no time.

Install insulation and replace the weatherstripping

Although insulation is commonly known as a feature that keeping out the cold from getting inside but it can also be used to keep the summer heat at bay. Which means you will be having a comfortable garage temperature even though the heat is scorching outside.

Additionally, take a look at the condition of the garage doors weatherstripping which due to the previous season; Winter; it might not be in great condition. Therefore, a replacement is necessary so that your garage won’t be bugging by the rain, bugs, dirt and dust.

Do the decoration for the garage and doors

Now after the above works completed, it’s time to do some magic for the garage and the doors with Christmas-theme decoration. You can start by applying some garland and Christmas tree decorations then do set some lights and bow over the garage doors. Might as well add a little bit dramatic sensation by installing an LED projector to display Christmas-themed lights show on the surface of the doors.


Summer has just started but Christmas is just around the corner so you might want to pick up the pace on preparing your garage for the festive season. For your consideration, this might be the best time for you to select the reliable garage door service company to do regular maintenance on your garage doors so in the future you won’t worry about any door malfunction that could cause problems. Thank you for reading and feel free to share it.