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Growing Italian Herbs in Our Garden

The Italian Herbs That We Can Plant in Our Garden

Anyone who has ever had the benefit of tasting Italian food will appreciate that a whole lot of herbs has gone into cooking the culinary masterpiece. Some of the tastiest culinary herbs in the world are Italian. It is no surprise that Italy, as a result, is most famous for its cuisine. That’s why it is good to growing Italian herbs in our garden.

You can use the herb basil in plenty of Italian recipes. Basil has not only a lovely flavor, but planting basil next to other herbs in your garden will encourage their own growth and actually improve their flavor. Basil also has such a strong smell. It will usually ensure that insects stay well away from the garden in which it is plant.

Parsley can often be seen garnishing the plates of meat on display at a butcher shop. Did you know that parsley is also used to freshen the breath? And was super popular for this benefit in ancient times? It has been proven that chewing on a snippet of parsley after eating a meal can freshen the breath immediately. It is for this reason that many dishes, to this day, are still garnished with parsley.

The herb oregano is a very potent herb that is hugely popular in Italian cooking. Oregano also manages to flower prettily with purple foliage that is very eye-catching in the garden.

The herb of fennel can be found in most Italian sausages. Fennel is a perennial herb, and therefore needs to be replanted every few years. This is also due to the fact that old fennel plants lose their flavor.

Rosemary is similar to the herb basil in the fact that it will actually improve the lives of the herbs and plants that are sprouting near it in the garden. Not only is rosemary commonly used to flavor lamb dishes, but it will assist other plants in the garden because it attracts bees. Rosemary, however, can die if it is exposed to frost.

Garlic is the most well-known Italian herb, and is the main reason why parsley started to get used in ancient times to freshen breath – garlic has a way of making ones breath stink if it is used in high quantities. You can’t have an Italian herb garden without including garlic. Garlic is really easy to grow, and cloves will sprout from seeds with very little care and attention. You can easily store garlic for future use too.

Sage is an Italian herb that we often see used in salads. It is a herb that needs to be regularly trimmed and the new shoots will contain the most flavor if they are picked as soon as they bloom.

There are plenty of herbs that we could mention that could be included in an Italian herb garden, but the above mentioned are your main contenders. Italian herbs can be used for cooking, or to create a beautiful blooming garden. Thanks to their pretty foliage and propensity to survive well in most climatic conditions.