Maintain Veggie Patch in Balmain

While the children have been away, I have been doing little more than keeping what was left from the veggie patch. The tomatoes have been producing plenty of fruit although there has been a blossom end rot problem which I attribute to irregular moisture. The San Marzano tomatoes have grown to about 1.2-1.5m and have trusses of small quite tasty egg shaped fruit and the potatoes plant on the Pot too about 1m and they have regular shaped almost full sized fruit. They are coming into full harvest time right about now so that’s a bonus for the kids and I look forward to showing them a few photos of when they planted the tomatoes out several months ago so they can compare.

The giant garlic has flowered and died down today so ought to be ready for harvest and we will probably replant some also. Caterpillar has heavily attack the Cavolo Nero. And it was getting a bit leggy, so I trimm them down to about 5cm and they’ve started to sprout back nicely.

All the herbs do really well — the Basil planted amongst the berries is thriving, the Continental Parsley and Thyme is looking good and the Golden Oregano and variegated Sage are both looking very decorative.

Next on the schedule is to plant a few carrots, I’ve got some seed from the online store to use and it’ll be interesting to see the children’s reaction once we harvest. Lettuce, of course, is great to have at this time of year and such a fast crop to grow for your kids. I will plant some endless varieties so there’s a steady supply available but I also purchased for myself recently some very cute mini red cos that should go down well too. I will also need to prepare a section for fall planting of some winter veggies.

It’s at this time of the year with high temperatures and drying winds that the structure and water holding a capacity of a soil is analyze. I have noticed the soil from the veggie patch, which is on the light side, could do with more organic matter and it has become bit water repellent in some regions. I will need to bring some organics and also use a wetting agent.