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Small Trees in the Garden

We have chosen the trees in our Small Trees category because of their beauty, their ability to perform well in Perth and for their manageable size in an urban garden or streetscape. Plant small trees in garden give us many advantages.

Trees can form the foundation of a garden giving structure and permanence, year round shade or in the case of deciduous trees, shade in summer and sun in winter. Trees can provide shelter from strong winds, screening from neighbours or a sound barrier from street traffic.

You can also create a micro climate with trees to grow other types of plants underneath providing shelter from sun, winds and frost. Creating garden ‘rooms’ is an excellent way to achieve a microclimate.

As features in the garden trees can provide gorgeous flowers and fruit, and beautiful foliage that can often colour spectacularly in autumn. Of course a feature of many trees is the shape of the trunk and often the beautiful colour and texture of the bark. As with most tree plantings, mulching is beneficial to keep roots cool and weeds suppressed, ensure that mulch does not come in contact with the trunk and cause fungal damage.

Don’t forget the energy saving benefits that the shade of trees can give to your house by protecting the north and west facing areas during the warmer months and in the case of deciduous trees allow sunlight through in winter when it is most welcome. Regarding the size of trees it must be remembered that there will always be some variation depending on soil type, depth and fertility, moisture availability and exposure to winds. This is an important factor to bear in mind when planning your garden.

If your trees need reshaping or you need advice as to their wellbeing always consider contacting a professional.