How to keep your Acrylic Mirrors Sparkling

If you are an owner of acrylic mirror sheet, you are probably already well aware of the advantages of this miracle product. Acrylic mirror sheet are now well known as a fantastic alternative to glass mirrors due to their resistance to breaking and their ability to flex and break instead of splinter and shatter if they fall and break.  The acrylic sheet Perth market is growing because of its outstanding value and the design and size options are plentiful. No matter what size, colour or style you want, the flexibility that acrylic sheet offers is impressive. Acrylic sheet is extremely simple to deal with and also mount, as it’s lightweight in spite of its resilience. In addition, acrylic sheet adapts well to different temperatures, so it’s terrific for a variety of applications be it at home, office, retail or commercial space. With the ideal treatment, acrylic mirrors can last in excellent condition for as long as over 20 years in many cases.

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To keep your acrylic mirror looking in tip-top condition and ensuring it remains looking its ideal for many years to come, here are a few tips for cleaning and maintaining your acrylic mirror sheet:

To start with, eliminate any kind of dust from the surface area making use of a lint-free fabric. We recommend the use of microfibre towels which are terrific for cleaning up acrylic. You can add a dash of mild soap to room temperature water, so no need for special chemical cleaners! Once you have removed the dust and any built up debris, wipe clean with a traditional chamois leather fabric to prevent any streaks.

As mentioned above, you do not need to spend any money on special cleaners. In particular avoid using products such as turpentine, methylated spirits or extreme chemical cleansers, as these will trigger irreparable damage to the surface area of the perspex sheet. If your mirror develops any kind of light scrapes, use a high quality plastic gloss as well as a soft towel. Follow the directions on the container and using small round waves, gently remove the scrapes or scratches. Following that, use a clean soft fabric to wipe away any remaining residue and your mirror will be looking as good as new once more!

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