Joondalup citizens here's how to prepare your house for the festive season

Joondalup citizens here’s how to prepare your house for the festive season

Yeay! The festive season will soon be celebrated by everyone in the world Joondalup citizens in Perth included. The season that we’ve been waiting for where we can at least for a moment forget about the hardship we endure during this year due to the Pandemic. 

With that aside, have you checked the condition of your house lately, is it well-prepared enough to welcome some of your families or relatives that will come to visit?

Therefore, Christmas preparation will be a mandatory task for you this week. Don’t worry we have prepared a checklist to make it easier for you to prepare the house for the festive season.

Declutter unused items

If you are a bit confused on which items should be decluttered remember this “do you need it, do you love it and do you use it?” Because sometimes people tend to forget that all of the items that have been piling up inside the house no longer needed or even broken, therefore, those questions will act as a reminder for you. For a convenient way of organizing the decluttered items, rent a City of Joondalup skip bin from your local provider.

Restock the foods in the freezer

Commonly, the festive season is celebrated with the accompany of delicious foods on the table, therefore, restocking the foods like baked goods and a few BBQ-friendly slices of meat will avoid you from doing a last-minute grocery shopping which sometimes could take hours. Don’t forget to restock the beverages as well like wine and juice.

Do garden makeover

Depending on the size of your garden, this might be a bit of hassle but a few simple makeovers will do. Lawn the tall grass to make it short will make your garden look clean and well-maintained, also you can re-plant the dead or withered plant or flower on your garden due to the Winter, this way will re-beautify the garden. Don’t forget to remove all of the green waste like a fallen twig, tree branches and leaves, you can organize all of it easily inside a skip bin hire.

Bathroom clean-up is a must

Chances that you regularly do bathroom clean-up is slim, therefore, with the guests coming it’s time to make it a cleaning priority as well. A 30-minute thorough clean-up for the guest’s bathroom will be enough which including the floor, basin, wall, toilet, changing the towels and restocking the toilet paper.

Swipe and mop as the finishing touches

If you follow all of the above tips, by now the condition inside your house should be well organized enough but it’s still not complete without swiping and mopping the floors and furniture. Do a clean swipe starting from the biggest room which usually the living room then all the way to each of the room until the kitchen. Repeat the sequence but this time mopping the floors with a detergent and let it dry. Then, continue cleaning the furniture like tables, chairs/sofa, mirrors, bookshelves, and kitchen utensils. 

Ready for the Christmas decoration

Now with a clean house, you are ready to enhance the looks with Christmas-theme decoration. Setup the Christmas tree in the living room where everyone able to see it then some decals on the walls to make it look more festive. Additionally, you can also decorate the garage doors with garland or Christmas-themed lighting.


Surely, doing all of the above alone would be a hassle, therefore, you can always include your family members; the kids and spouse. Not only you will get the task done faster but also tightening the family bonds. Thank you for reading and feel free to share this article.