Palm Tree Removal Perth

Palm trees are the epitome of tropical islands, sunshine and beauty. Their shiny leaves, provide shade and elegance and is what makes them so popular a choice for your home. It is the finishing touch to your front garden and you love the feel of reading a book underneath it’s canopy. But maintaining the palm tree is incredibly important and neglected palm trees can become unsightly and even dangerous. Here at Atlanta Tree Removal, we specialise in Palm tree removal in Perth and have got you covered.

palm tree removal

Palm Tree Maintenance

So what exactly can go wrong? What if you have a self-cleaning palm tree? Do you still need to maintain it? The answer is that a lot can go wrong and even the so-called self-cleaning palm trees require maintenance as their leaves and seed sheaths are lost as per normal palm trees.

Palm trees also bear fruit and when seed and trapped fruit drop, they can be quite dangerous.  The fruit, alongside the dry leaves attracts rodents and other pests so keeping on top of this and scheduling time for an annual clean to get rid of the seeds, fruits and leaves is important.

Professional Palm Tree Removal in Perth

It is important that your palm is pruned by someone with a good palm tree knowledge or professional tree removal because if the trunk is at all damaged during the pruning process the palm tree is likely will never heal.

While it may seem easy enough to care for these majestic beauties, it isn’t nearly as easy or straightforward as you may think. Without the necessary experience, knowledge and skills, you could end up damaging the tree trunk and once damaged, the tree will never recover.

Palm tree upkeep can be a difficult process due the height and size of the leaves and branches. That is why the job should only be undertaken by specialists in palm tree removal and that is where we come in.

Experienced and qualified, we can help with your palm tree cleaning and maintenance needs and in cases of palm tree removal due to unwanted or damaged palm trees, we can do the job quickly and safely.  We have all the necessary equipment needed and can remove trees regardless of their size or location. It is especially important to call us if your tree is near power lines or neighbouring homes and buildings.

Palm Tree Removal Cost

Because no two palm trees are the same, we will come to your home, inspect your tree, advise you of the best course of action and provide you with a free no obligation palm tree removal cost.

We also pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, and our tree surgeons will keep you informed of the entire process and are on hand to answer any queries you may have.