Reasons Why Resurface Is Better Than Renovate Your Bathroom

Bathroom facelift can be the best way to give a new life to your bathroom. However, doing the facelift needs a lot of money to spend. Asides of the cost, it is not the only solution to make your bathroom better. Alternatively, you can do bathroom resurfacing. Bathroom resurfacing Perth is better than renovating your bathroom because you only add a new surface to the old one.  Therefore, the cost would not be as much as renovating your bathroom and still you get a beautiful bathroom finish. West Coast Resurfacing can help you to resurface the tiles, sinks, tubs, and other bathroom fixtures. Since it requires some techniques to resurface those things, we recommend you to let our experts do the job for you.

Why Resurface Gives More Than Renovate

To do a total renovation to your bathroom by replacing the fixtures, removing the tiles, replacing it with the new ones, it means that you have to spend a lot of budgets. You are going to buy all new things to do a bathroom renovation. The cost is from $5000 to more than $20,000, even more.

However, when you have bathroom resurfacing, it is 50% less expensive than bathroom renovation. For example, you want to renovate the bathroom, including the old shower. Therefore, you have to buy the new one, hire a plumber to work for the pipes and drains. Nevertheless, you can add shower screen, do bathroom tile resurfacing, and resurface the shower head.

Why Do You Need To Hire Us?

West Coast Resurfacing provides affordable and high-quality service. We help you to do a complete renovation, refresh your bathrooms with more than 80% bathroom resurfacing cost to save. Besides, we also work for all traditional kitchens to have a more modern look. With the great saving, we will resurface your bathroom with 880 colour samples you can choose. Hire us for one day, and we will amaze you with our work.

As the top bathroom resurfacing Perth, our family-owned business will provide you some specialists you can choose. We can resurface your cabinet doors, benchtops, cabinets, sinks, bathtub, floor and tiles, and others.

Our professional bathroom resurfacing Perth specialist also works for 8 hours. In the next day, you can use the surfaced areas safely. However, we recommend you using the areas at least two days to make sure that all areas are dried. Our service is fully insured. Please call us now at 0467 000 443 if you live in Perth and around the areas.