Removing Your Old Tree Stumps

Take a look around your property. Do you like the landscaping or do you need stump removal Perth experts to get rid of the stumps littered across the compound? Sometimes, after tree removal Perth professionals finish their job, you need to follow it up with stump grinding Perth expertise to do stump removals that remain behind.

Because stump removal Perth is an important part of tree clearance Perth activities, you need reliable professionals to help do the work. Just Trees offers tree removal services that are carefully structured to enhance curb appeal in your home. Available specialist services include stump grinding, stump removal, wood chips Perch, and tree lopping Perth.

For effective removal of old stumps, Just Trees relies on a chainsaw and powerful modern stump grinder to cut the stump as low as possible and then grind the remaining piece, both above and below ground, until the stump is all gone.

Why it’s Important to Remove Old Stumps

There are a number of reasons that make it necessary to employ thorough tree removal Perth solutions, including stump grinding Perth services. Here are the most relevant:

Stumps are unsightly

Imagine someone coming to your home for the first time and being greeted by a sea of stumps upon reaching your driveway. Not pretty, right? That’s your first reason to get rid of them.

They increase risk of disease to other trees

As stumps begin to die, they draw in all kinds of bacteria and fungi. These can spread to nearby plants, flowers or trees and cause diseases that affect the plants’ growth rate or cause them to wither and die off. An experienced tree removal Perth expert ensures this does not happen.

They serve a better purpose as mulch

Grinding the stump produces mulch, which you can use to boost plant health for the rest of your trees. Regular mulching helps in soil moisture retention, preserving the water trapped underneath for longer, which is nourishing for the plant. A mulched surface is also appealing to the eye and will give greatly enhance the aesthetics of your landscape.

As you can see, there is a lot to be gained when you get rid of stumps. Just Trees ensures that the tree removal process to break down the stump is done in the most effective way. By using modern technology to remove the stumps, they ensure that no damage occurs to the ground surfaces that are in close proximity to the stumps.

You would think that an involving process such as this would be costly, but no. It’s not. Just Trees does it at a low price. Their stump grinding Perth charges are some of the cheapest in the city.