Stump Grinding

We pride ourselves in using quality and safe solutions well within the code of practice in stump grinding. Safety is our top priority. As such, our team employs the use of a tree stump grinder to guarantee a safe and clean removal of the tree stump.

Any call request is processed immediately. Upon arrival, our team assesses the stump grinding task at hand, and we evaluate what tools are necessary for the project. Our work takes about 15 minutes to 2 hours depending on the size of the of the tree stump. As per our safety campaign, we employ the use of a tree stump grinder to ensure that all tree parts are removed. In doing so, we eliminate the risk of future injury the tree parts could cause. Upon completion of the stump grinding and removal exercise, we ensure that any gaping holes left after the stump is removed, are filled. Further, we clean up the compound and properly dispose of the waste. The only evidence we were there is the missing tree stump.

It is advisable not to attempt stump removal on your own. The safety concerns pose a risk to you as well as those using your lawn. Our services are within the industry’s best practices as well as the quality assurance standards, all thanks to the use of a stump grinder and other equipment. You are thus assured of professional services within a short time. This saves you time, money to acquire a tree stump grinder, and the risk of injury and with it, the cost of treatment. Our stump grinding prices are competitive and beat any quote in writing. We endeavor to offer value to our clients. As such, you are assured of affordable stump grinding services. Be sure to contact us to get the full stump grinding details.

Why is Stump Grinding and Removal Important?

Do you have stumps in your yard from an unfinished tree removal? Are they an eyesore in your otherwise pristine landscaping? If the answer is yes and you live in Perth, Perth Tree Services can help. We offer tree stump removal and stump grinding Perth services. Our friendly and professional tree arborists will come to you and stump grinding and remove any stump 25cm below the ground with our specialty equipment.

Once we remove your tree stump, we will also do a thorough ‘grubbing’ process. This means we will eliminate any organic matter that the original tree left in the soil. This process will prevent the soil from shifting, and this will work to save your foundation, concrete structures, and slabs, or concrete foot paths from shifting and costing your potentially thousands to fix it.

What is the Process if I have a Tree that I Want Looked At?

When you contact Atlanta Tree Removal Service, our staff will set up an appointment to come to your property and survey the tree in question and the area around it. We understand it can be upsetting to lose a tree. But if it is sick, dead, or dying, it could pose a hazard to the surrounding area if it were to fall.

We’ll give you advice on how you should proceed, and we’ll also give you a cost estimate while we’re there. If you choose to move forward with the removal, we’ll set an appointment for that as well. You may have to go to your local council for permission to remove the tree. And it is always a good idea to double check with them before you begin any removal process.

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Get Rid of the Tree Stump

Once our staff has gotten rid of your problem tree, we’ll start the process of getting rid of the stump as well. Two main ways effectively remove the tree stump.

  1. Physical Removal: The first way involves heavy equipment like a Bobcat that will push or pull the tree stump out. We’ll then refill the hole to prevent settling.
  2. Stump Grinding (Best Value): The less expensive option is our stump grinding services. We’ll use our specilised equipment to grind the tree stump down 25cm below ground level. Once we grind the stump down, we’ll fill the hole to prevent unwanted settling. Our staff will help you choose a method of stump removal when we do the initial survey process.

If you have an unsightly tree stump in your yard, or if you have a sick or dead tree, contact us, and we’ll be more than happy to come to your property and survey the area. Our professionally trained staff are ready and willing to assist you in any way they can.