Tree Removal

How to Remove Trees Safely From Your Environment

Tree removal is a crucial activity in your environment. It is not easy to remove trees or tree stumps if you are not an expert. Tree arborists can detect trees that need to be removed. A tree might need to be removed if it happens to be unsafe. Therefore you need to use tree removal Perth services, because an incorrect technique of tree removal can be dangerous for your property and your family.

According to statistics, a research done by the US Bureau of Labour statistics reported that an average of 200 fatal injuries related to trees is reported each year in the United States of America. For example, in 2012, 120 people had injuries in logging and forestry services. Sixty deaths from tree maintenance injuries were also reported. The injuries were caused by getting in contact with equipment like axes or chainsaws, transportation or falling from trees.

Tree Removal

When removing trees, certain precautions need to be taken as discussed below. When removing trees or even during tree trimming, tree professionals equip themselves with safety equipment. They are supposed to be covered all over the body before proceeding with the exercise. Here is a breakdown of how they equip themselves.

Helmets protect their faces from any branches and hard objects that might fall off. They protect them from head injuries in case they fall from the trees. In the cases of trees located near power lines, helmets protect them from shock.

While cutting the tree, their hands might be cut or bruised. Gloves protect them from these cuts and infections from poisonous chemicals, insects, and plants. Thick work gloves enable.

Without safety glasses or goggles, the eyes will be exposed to injuries by debris. It is important to offer 100% protection to the eye sight during the whole process.

Chainsaws produce too much noise that might harm your ears if you don’t protect them. Tree specialists, wear ear plugs to cancel incoming noise during the tree removal process. Noise from chainsaws can cause long-term ear problems which might take time to treat.

Tree arborists wear work shoes to protect their feet from being hurt by debris and the tree cutting equipment.

Other safety measures

Apart from wearing protective clothing, tree experts remove the trees safely by following strict regulations before and during the tree removal process. These rules include:

During the process of removing the trees, tree specialists estimate the distance of the tree felling zone. They ensure the there is enough space for the tree to fall without destroying property. They also make sure that the tree falls in the right direction.

Tree removal activity can be dangerous to human life if not done by an expert. Handling equipment like chainsaws needs care because they can hurt your hands, legs and other parts of the body.

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