Two Effective Ways to Remove a Tree Stump

Tree stumps are unsightly, tripping hazards and can create the perfect environment for pests. Tree stump removal Perth is fairly easy for a professional to do but also is a task you can do yourself with the right equipment and proper knowledge. Your two main options are to use a chemical stump remover or hire a machine for tree stump grinding Perth.

Chemical Stump Remover

Begin by cutting the stump with a chainsaw as low to the ground as you can go. Use a power drill with a 1″ bit and at least eight inches long to drill holes on the surface of the stump. Keep the holes about 4 inches apart and as many as you can drill on the stump.

Next, fill the holes with chemical stump remover which is really potassium nitrate. It usually comes in powder form and is available at your local garden or home center. Top up the holes with hot water and leave the stump for at least a month and allow the stump remover to do its work. The chemicals will accelerate the decaying process and turn the stump soft in about a month or more for easy tree stump grinding Perth.

Next, fill the holes with kerosene and leave the stump again for a few weeks. Do not use gasoline.

Tree Stump Grinding Perth - Tree Stump Removal | Atlantra Tree Services

Clear the immediate area of any flammable debris such as leaves and twigs and cordon off the stump with a ring of bricks or fence with wire mesh. Light the stump and allow it to burn. This process may take up to a week. You may need to inspect the process regularly to ensure that the embers don’t burn out. Light a new fire or stir the embers every once in a while to keep the fire going. The stump should burn down to the root in about a week leaving a hole full of charcoal.

Note that this method only works for older stumps and not for a freshly cut tree. Also make sure that you know about your local fire laws touching on open fires.

Stump Grinding

A quicker and more environmentally friendly option is tree stump grinding Perth. You can hire the equipment for a few hours or a day and do the job yourself.

Clear the area surrounding the stump of any hard debris such as rocks and boulders. Next, use a chainsaw to cut the stump as low as you can go. Drive the grinder up to the worksite and bring the grinder wheel on top of the stump just a few inches shy of the actual stump. Turn on the machine and begin to grind, lowering the grinder wheel to at least three inches into the stump. Work in a side to side motion.

Tree Stump Grinding Perth - Tree Stump Removal | Atlantra Tree Services

Grind to about 4 inches before moving the wheel forward. Repeat until the stump is gone, usually at least 4 inches below ground.

Your best option for tree stump removal Perth is to hire a professional arborists such as Just Tree Perth to do it. It costs money but you can guarantee your safety and ensure that the job gets done right in the first place. Hire tree stump grinding Perth is the most effective, safest and best way to remove a tree stump.