property inspections

What are property inspectors looking for?

Planning to buy a new property for a long time investment next year? Then, you should consider hiring a professional property inspector to give you a detailed report on the condition of the property of your choice. The property inspector report is one of the important documents that you should pay close attention prior to finalizing the payment process because you don’t want to be surprised by the untold truth of the property condition such as the ceiling is cracking and have a potential to fall. 

Why the property inspection mandatory?

The property that you are planning to buy might look great and firm on a first glance but you can never know what’s the actual condition of it because you don’t have the skills and experience to do a thorough inspection. This is where the property inspectors come in, the hidden issues which can’t be seen by you can easily be spotted by them due to their years of experience. Their report can act as your checklist which part of the property that needs an immediate reparation. 

However, not all people understand how they work and what are they looking for while doing an inspection, here are some of the property inspectors looking for while on site.

1. Structural property components

The property inspectors will do anything to get all of the components checked such as climbing onto the roof checking the condition of the roofing and looking for a sign of water damage/leaking on the ceiling. Each foundation will be checked as well from the type of material used to its age, then the checking the condition of the floor if there’s any crack or any sign of pest infestation. 

2. Exterior condition

Probably one of the most overlooked while you do the inspection, the surrounding of the property. Yes, the garden and backyard are still part of the property which should be inspected and the property inspectors surely added this on their list because tall grasses on the backyard could be home to pests like snake and rat, then the old tree that stands beside the property has potential in creating a dangerous situation in the future if it suddenly falls and damaging the roof. 

3. Plumbing and water filtration system

The water line plays an important role in the daily activities of everyone inside the property as well as the plumbing. Therefore, the inspectors will thoroughly check the condition of each pipeline including drains, vents, and waste system if there’s any sign of leakage. For the water filtration system, the inspectors usually check if it’s functioning properly and tested several times before deciding on its actual condition.

4. Electrical system

Every electrical socket, light bulb, electrical cable line and other electrical systems that installed in the property will be thoroughly checked by the inspectors to make sure that there will be no electrical malfunction in the future and can be used safely by everyone. 

5. Heater and Air Conditioner

In some modern properties, the heater and air conditioner have its own mechanism, therefore, the inspectors will check on these two separately and takes time to analyze it by doing several tests. They are looking for any sign of pipe leaking and corrosion on both systems as well as knowing the actual age of them and the recent maintenance.

6. Property appliances

If you are planning to buy a full or semi-furnished property, the appliances included will be thoroughly checked as well. Stuff like tables, chairs, refrigerators, kitchen set, ceiling fan and other property appliances that included in the purchase contract. These items will be tested several times to make sure they are working properly.


By opting in the service of property inspections Perth you are making a huge step of safety and secure investment of the property as well as the people who will live inside it. Therefore, look at the professional inspector on your local area which you can find it easily on Google Search. Thank you for reading and feel free to share.